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High quality USA manufacturing

  • 2 Plants in US; Buffalo, NY and Nampa, ID
  • Manufacturing whey based ingredients; Whey Proteins, Whey Permeate, Whey powders
  • Hormone free milk collection
  • Single mozzarella whey stream
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Over 60,000mT of ingredients produced in USA

  • GFSI approved facilities
  • Kosher & Halal Certified
  • rBST (hormone) free products
  • No bleaching agents
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Major investments in US

  • Improved production capacity
  • Reinforced whey products expertise
  • Export quality compliant
  • Customer added value solutions

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About Our Farmers

Meet the Nederend Farms & Family, one of our local family owned milk supplier and learn more about Lactalis Top Quality rBST free Milk Collection practices.

Lactalis Ingredients USA Key Brands


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Strong Manufacturing Expertise

  • Over 80 years of Cheese & Whey production
  • Ingredients shipped to over 100 Countries
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Largest Whey Ingredients Manufacturer

  • Whey Powder & Lactose
  • rBST (Hormone) free Whey Proteins
  • Functional¬†Ingredients
  • High quality Milk Powders
  • High quality Casein offerings
  • Nutritional solutions
  • Cost management solutions
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  • Headquartered in Brittany, (West of France)
  • 7 Regional Sales Offices Worldwide
  • Global collaboration to support consumers needs

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About Lactalis Ingredients Division

Meet virtually the Largest Whey Ingredients Manufacturer.

Key Brands for Lactalis Ingredients


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2015 Sales :  $18.5 Billion Dollars

#1 Cheese Producer in the World
#2 Largest Dairy Company Worldwide

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Over 75,000 Employees in 79 Countries

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17.4 Billion liters of Milk collected in 2015

Major Worldwide Brands for Lactalis Group

Lactalis American Group
Lactalis American Group

Major Worldwide Brands for Lactalis Group