Non Fat Greek Frozen Yogurt

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Lactalis Ingredients technical team built a very exciting formula combining high functional & nutritional WPC80 with a functional ingredient called Sensadairy to bring extra creaminess for your recipe.

In this type of formulation with high protein and almost zero fat it’s always a challenge to keep texture, flavor and creaminess. The incorporation of Sensadairy helps offset any strong protein taste and brings back strong creamy and dairy notes.

Greek Frozen Yogurt Recipe
TYPO sensa greek-bleu

Sensadairy, milk replacer, is a blend of permeate with added natural dairy flavors which brings extra dairy and creamy notes in applications. Exceptionally amazing results in dairy products. Learn more

Whey protein concentrate 80%, coming from one unique whey stream cheese (Mozzarella) with very consistent and clean flavor. A perfect tool to bring nice texture and higher protein content in your applications. Learn more